Pearl Fever began in 2002 as a single store in Coquitlam’s Sunwood Square Mall. This initial location served as the heart of the entire operation, functioning as both a learning and growing experience for its founders. As a result of the attention paid to quality and service, as well as its well-placed locale, Pearl Fever Coquitlam soon began to attract a lot of attention from locals as well as non-locals. Consequently, an endeavour was taken to open a second store two years later across from Surrey’s Guildford Mall. Perhaps not unique to Surrey but unique to the Surrey location, is the emphasis on a multi-cultural staff as well as multi-cultural customers. Its integrated atmosphere served to introduce a traditionally Asian beverage to all ethnicities, mainstream and otherwise.

Less than one year later, Pearl Fever saw the opening of its third location in the Village of the University of British Columbia. As one of B.C.’s largest academic institutes, this location saw many student frequenters, many of whom utilizing our drinks and desserts as a means to relax and enjoy themselves amongst their busy schedules. For those more familiar with the first two stores, you may be surprised by this store’s busiest time of year.

Although Pearl Fever was defined by its three stores for the next four years, further growth was just up ahead. Two stores were launched almost simultaneously in July 2009; one in Coquitlam Zone Entertainment Centre and one in the Cornerstone of Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus. As one of the most elegantly designed locations, Coquitlam’s second store (known commonly as the Schoolhouse location) is the “flagship” store that seeks to enhance our customers’ experience by providing high quality comfort and an elegant atmosphere. Pearl Fever SFU, operates in the spirit of UBC’s location, acting as a means by which students can conveniently access our products without ever leaving campus. Although our stores span several cities municipalities, our five stores are unified in our dedication to the production of quality beverages, excellent customer service, and the introduction and integration of a traditionally Asian treat to a Westernized society.